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The Music of Mega Man

2010-02-23 22:51:58 by OmegaManZX

I've decided to work on a unique feature for I'm composing the website's OST. If you want to hear and download the themes I'm making, please visit the OST page at:

Kevvviiinnn is AWESOME! (And Other News)

2009-07-02 22:18:18 by OmegaManZX

YouTube user Kevvviiinnn did a remix of "Shifting Sands" 2.0 using Fruity Loops Studio and Mega Man X and Chrono Trigger sound fonts. The end result is an awesome SNES feel that could work well for both the Mega Man X series and the Mega Man Zero series. There is no question about it. This could work well for my boss design contest winner "Flare Scorpion" if he were in an SNES era X game. (Check out Mega Man for details on that subject).

Here's Kevvviiinnn's remix. You should also check out his Channel while you're at it.

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Info About My Tunes, etc.

2009-04-20 00:36:19 by OmegaManZX

I'm currently making tunes using a program called FamiTracker. It emulates the Nintendo Entertainment System's (NES) or Famicom's sound chip.

You can use them in your creations if you want, but you'll have to figure out a way to loop them yourselves if you want to use them for games.

One thing I'll try allowing is this: I'll even let you remix or arrange the original tunes! Just let me know first by sending a message, as I want to be one of the first to hear a remastered tune and actually know it exists.

I'll also take requests. If you have a tune you want to sound 8-Bit, then let me know.

And please, if you're going to rate my stuff terribly (or greatly, for that matter), at least post a review explaining why.

That's it for now.